katie-chloe-the-bear“Whatever really drives you, and whatever lights your fire and whatever you are really passionate about is what you should be doing the rest of your life. So turn your passion into purpose and your purpose into your mission.  I have found that this has to be something greater than yourself.” — Katie Cleary (find her on Twitter


Katie is a Model/Actress turned Philanthropist/Filmmaker. Katie got her first break in the entertainment business on the hit TV show “America`s Next Top Model” Season #1.  She is an accomplished on-camera host with shows on the TV Guide Channel, E! News Now, and the travel show “Get Out” on HDTV.

Katie’s main passion is advocating animal welfare issues while rescuing and rehabilitating animals and finding them forever homes. Katie founded the animal welfare organization Peace 4 Animals (www.peace4animals.com / www.worldanimalnews.com) in 2012 and is a leader in the animal welfare community in Los Angeles. She has raised tens of thousands of dollars for many animal organizations around the world in support of the most crucial animal issues. Katie’s vision is to see a world that lives in peace with all animals and works to protect them against harmful human interference. Peace 4 Animals helps to rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for domestic animals and also educates the public on the importance of rescuing animals from your local shelter rather than buying them from breeders or pet stores.

Peace 4 Animals also educates the public on how to co-exist with wild and endangered species and how to protect these animals in their natural habitats. While also increasing awareness to put an end to abuse and neglect and teach people how to respect all of our planet’s most important species. Katie and Peace 4 Animals strive to make a difference by leading by example so that others can learn what they can do to make a difference right in their own backyard.

Katie’s goal is to impact people all around the world with her philanthropic work and create positive change to help protect the planet and its precious species, so we can all live in peace together. She hopes to one day open the “Peace 4 Animals” Reserve to Rescue & Rehabilitate Endangered Species in South Africa.