JP SearsI always love when JP Sears comes on and we mix our unique brand of mindless madness together to create a lot of laughs and sometimes a little wisdom.

Today we started out talking about potential alternative realities beyond the life we lead.

“Does a podcast exist if no one ever listens to it?”

Then we move on to the epidemic of low self-esteem and JP’s brilliant tips / tools on how to deal with this situation.

From there we ask the question, “Can we save anyone?”

Why we might try to rescue another person, and what is the consequence of such action?

What are the ramifications of avoiding our purpose?

We touch on Facebook and his video about becoming more popular:

We then venture into some wonderful territory about connecting.

JP Sears brings his unique brand of humor and insight back into the Pauly Cast studio. On top of his usual comedic genius, he offers two profound insights on Life Purpose and the role of fear in our lives.

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