JP SearsJP Sears brings his unique brand of humor and insight back into the Pauly Cast studio. On top of his usual comedic genius, he offers two profound insights on Life Purpose and the role of fear in our lives.

Show Notes

I always get excited and inspired when JP Sears comes on the show. His comedy opens my heart and lightens my Spirit. Yet, in every episode he amazes me with his profound insights.

Today he offered a fresh and expanded perspective on finding one’s life purpose. JP’s view was ‘our life purpose’ wasn’t so much a noun or vocation as it is a verb, a way of living with authenticity and love in as many moments as possible. When we embody and be who we really are to the best of our ability, we are living our life purpose.

Our purpose in life is to be who we really are.

This is similar to my view. When asked what my purpose in life is, I say… “To be the most loving expression of me I can be in this moment… and then the next.”

JP also offered a wonderful insight on the role of fear in our lives. He felt that on the primal level, fear keeps us safe. That having a level of physical caution and awareness is important simply to keep us alive.

But if we are fear based on a spiritual level, it keeps us from growing and expanding.

What an excellent example of the polarity in which we exist in on a daily basis.

If you get a chance, check out JP Sears YouTube channel. There are some hysterical videos like, ‘Being Ultra-Spiritual’, but there are also several segments that offer a variety of wisdom.

JP was also generous enough to announce that he is writing a book based on his ‘Ultra-Spiritual’ teachings.

Thanks again for tuning in and sharing the ride with us.

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