John (1)John Dowd Jr. and I have enjoyed a wonderful connection and chemistry from the first time we met. He somehow manages to juggle a variety of passions; popular radio disc jockey, Sirius Radio Host, tours of Walden Pond, speaking engagements, successful author… John’s list is a long one.

On this show we talk about one of his favorite topics: the magic of life.

Some of John’s highlights:

“Never give up on your dreams, never give up on your future.”
“The Miracles begin when you are in the state of gratitude, love, forgiveness, compassion and giving.”

During the episode we pay homage to one of John’s heroes, the great Wayne Dyer. Wayne recently left his body and joined the Universe as pure energy.

Every day people believe in things that are invisible, so why do we doubt the great Source and Force that created all we are?

John gives us a few practical tips for getting in touch with the inner voice, like getting in touch with one’s breath being key to slowing down the mind and moving you into stillness.