JillI have known Jill for almost twenty wonderful years. During that entire time she has been involved in some form of care giving. In her latest incarnation, Jill is helping people move from this plane of existence to the other side.

“The veil is so exceptionally thin, and death is the most beautiful experience.” This is something she has told me often.

In our society there is a lot of fear and ignorance around the subject of death. We are not comfortable with the process or even the cycles of life.

I see our fear of death as more a statement on our fear of living.

One of Jill’s messages in this uplifting episode is, “to live with no regrets, to give it all now while you can, and to remember that love is all that matters in the end.”

I could not agree with her more.

The late actor Michael Landon once said to me on a crystal clear summer day in Malibu, as the ocean’s water’s danced around our ankles, “Live for the day by friend, don’t hold anything back, especially when it comes to loving the people you care about most, because there are only so many tomorrows.”


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