JenniferProfessional matchmaker and successful author Jennifer J. Hayes returns to the Pauly Cast to talk about finding the right person for you to create a long-term successful partnership. Not only with a service, but also in within every day life.

I had the privilege to meet Jennifer when she contacted me through a mutual friend.

She had this idea to write a book and wondered if I could offer any insight or advice.

I could tell in minutes this was an exceptional woman with a keen intelligence, a quick laugh, and a huge heart.

Of course she wrote the book- it is fabulous and well done- and we stayed in touch as friends.


One of the joys of hosting the Pauly Cast is having people on that are compelling and asking them questions that can positively impact your life. Since Jennifer has worked in the field of professional matchmaking and learned a ton about what makes relationships work, and I am currently single, I figured this is the perfect storm of need and knowledge.

I have always been fascinated by the interplay between people, especially the dynamic of males & females… This exchange of energy is an endless source of inspiration, personal growth, illumination, pain, humility, knowledge, and a peak into the sacred.

I especially love to connect with empowered, activated enlightened woman. They call me to a higher place, both within me, and in the world at large. Of course I have not always been like this, I used to be terrified of these magnificent beings, and would usually flee at the first signs of their power.

But, as I grew more comfortable in who I currently am, I was able to accept the beautiful manifestation of the Divine Feminine in the female form.

Women have so much wisdom to share with us, and my prayer is that we as a collective wake up to this truth.

Thank you Jennifer, for another compelling and provocative appearance here with us on the show and I hope you will come back and see us again soon.

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