I had the good fortune of meeting Jeff Lucky on Martha’s Vineyard while he was here for a film festival to promote his latest work.  We immediately struck up an excellent conversation of great depth and scope.  I knew then that he would be an enlightening guest on our program.  Yet, this exchange goes to a whole new level.  Jeff is a brilliant thinker and observer of the human experience.  He is also remarkably authentic in his answers, even on deeply emotional and highly charged subjects.  What a treat for me and you, that he was generous enough to come on the show.

Writer/director Jeff Lucky studied at the NC School of the Arts and received his BA in communications from UNC Chapel Hill. His previous works include the award winning documentary DONOR as well as short films recognized by the IFC (Little Mama) and Project Direct sponsored by Sundance (When it Hurts).

Jeff is also a songwriter, producer and MC who has released an album (Soul Motivation) and written original songs for network TV (Cold Case on CBS). With his production team The Brane Trust Jeff creates the original scores and soundtracks for all of his films. Currently Jeff is developing another feature length project and completing several scripts. He is also shopping a comedic TV pilot and continuing to direct music videos.