What a compelling show driven by the ability of Jayd Hernandez to be so real, raw and honest.  Her story is inspiring and offers wisdom to all of us on the life path.

Jayd is a Relationship Intimacy Expert in Phoenix, Arizona who specializes in bridging the communication gaps between male and female dynamics. Her expertise is derived from her own personal experiences working in the adult industry for over 10 years as a model and escort who mindfully transformed her life from existing in the shambles of abuse to living with loving integrity. Her focus is to connect you to the deepest parts of your natural, feminine and masculine essence to approach life and love empowered.

Intimacy is the process of revealing who you are in a space that is safe and accepting. Nothing is too taboo or off limits to discuss as Jayd uncovers the misguided beliefs and blocks that prevent us from authentically showing up, connecting with our partners, or attracting the relationship we want.