janne_robinsonI loved my time chatting with Janne Robinson, a free spirit and creative muse who has stepped away from a mainstream path and is blazing her own unique trail through life. This is a great show for anyone looking for that spark of inspiration to seize the moment and live.

Based out of Vancouver Island, BC, Janne Robinson is a freelance writer, poet, speaker, animal activist and trusted voice of female empowerment. Robinson has been a feature columnist and top writer for Elephant Journal since 2013, as well as a contributor to The Huffington Post, Yogi Approved, Red Flag.org, Meraki, Folk Rebellion, Careerhearted, and Wild Woman Do.

Robinson was last in the headlines for a spoken word poetry video she directed in New York City, involving 18 women reading the lines from her poem, “This is for the women who don’t give a fuck.” The video has garnered 230,000+ views, while the poem, originally published by Elephant Journal, has been read over 1.6 million times.

Janne’s daily following of more than 40,000 readers find her work refreshing and inspiring — even when the topic isn’t always polished or pretty. Robinson’s work empowers people to live their truths and be authentic. Transparency is how she walks her talk.