A fascinating conversation with author and trial lawyer Heather Hansen on her wonderful new book, Advocate To Win. We also discuss her work on television, the insurrection on January 6th, meditation and how to figure out what you really want and then ask for it in an effective way.

An advocate is one who speaks up in support of something. You are an advocate, whether you speak up for your business, your team, your ideas or yourself. Heather Hansen shows audiences how to use the tools of a trial lawyer–questions, objections, credibility, evidence and persuasion-to win.

Heather combines her psychology degree, her 20 years of experience as an award winning trial attorney and her experience as an anchor at the Law and Crime network to create interactive, compelling experiences that audiences love. Heather’s keynotes are high energy and actionable, leaving audiences with tools and exercises they can use the same day to improve their advocacy skills as leaders, in sales, in marketing and at home. Heather has been a trial attorney in Philadelphia for over 20 years, defending doctors and hospitals when they’re sued. She’s consistently been named one of the Top 50 Female Trial Attorneys in Pennsylvania and was recently inducted into the American College of Trial Attorneys, an honor reserved for the top 15% of trial attorneys in the nation. She has been speaking to juries for decades and has given keynotes on advocacy internationally in places like Kuwait, Ireland, Mexico and across the United States.

Heather is the author of Amazon best seller The Elegant Warrior-How to Win Life’s Trials Without Losing Yourself, a book Publisher’s Weekly calls “a template for achieving personal and career goals” with “plenty of valuable, adaptable life lessons designed to help readers through tricky situations. She’s the host of The Elegant Warrior Podcast, where she’d interviewed guests such as Kelly Rutherford, Dan Abrams, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina and more. Heather is also a television analyst, having appeared on NBC, CNN, HLN, CBS, Fox29, Fox News Channel and Fox Business. She’s an anchor at the Law and Crime network and a contributor to Thrive Global.

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