“There is so much magic in this world if we simply allow it to happen.”

What an honor to spend some time with Gordana Biernat (find her on Facebook and Twitter, and learn about the Super Soul 100!),  an amazing Goddess of Light and Love who is so tuned into the Higher Realm.

Thinker, Seeker and Humble Explorer of the Physical Reality. Born on 11/11 at 11:11.

Gordana Biernat is a Speaker, inspiring her audience with talks about the Perception of Physical Reality and Time, Consciousness, Creativity, Leadership, Art and more.

Gordana is curious, flexible, multicultural and multilingual. She cannot be labeled but she is most often described as passionate, creative and audacious, constantly learning and searching.

As a Writer and Thinker, Gordana influences conscious communications through higher thought. Using Twitter as a main channel, Gordana in­ter­­connects every day with her 250,000+ followers. Her tweets, ear­ning more than 2,200,000 impressions every month, are fre­quent­ly quo­ted, retweeted and liked.

Inspiring Change Agent, working with both indi­vi­dual and corporate clients, providing knowledge and encouragement neces­sary for allowing and implementing change. Gordana assists those who seek self-de­ve­lop­ment and a greater sense of being through intellectual and spiritual ex­plo­ra­tion of the worlds seen and unseen.

Workshop Leader, often called upon to facilitate work­shops, moderate pa­nels, and conduct training of multinational cor­po­ra­tions. As a Leader and Facilitator at Hyper Island Master Classes, Gordana initiated cre­a­tive processes at some of the world’s top ad­ver­ti­sing agencies like DDB Group and JWT.