George Green

In a lovely twist of roles, I am the guest on my own show as profound poet and writer George Green (find him on Facebook, too!) sits in the Captain’s Seat of The Pauly Cast.  George did an amazing job.  His presence was both provocative and inspiring.

We will definitely do this again!

“Relationship is the crucible, the vessel in which together we can learn to grow and evolve, heal and transform. It is and can be a delicate dance, to create a real and lasting partnership for ourselves and for our Beloved. What determines the healthy longevity of any intimate relationship is being committed to deep presence, to self+ awareness and to self+responsibility. Ultimately, what we can aspire to is to commit to building together, sustainable, loving partnerships and relationships of equals.” ~ George E. Green

George Green Reviews Seven Crazy Days on Maui

In this, Paul Samuel Dolman’s third book, we are given a rare, vulnerable and ultimately raw look inside his heart, his inner dialogs and outer explorations of what it means to be willing learn to love consciously, to see beyond the veil of personal need and longing for our idealizations of union with another, to see with eventual clarity and certainty what our true part is, in any dance or pursuit of lasting intimacy.

I must imagine writing this book required an incredible measure of and a commitment to deep courage, radical honesty and inner inquiry, and a tenacity to honor rather than blame. As I read these pages, I recognized and personally resonated with Paul’s struggle to remain clear, to avoid overtly burning any bridge yet still be willing to ultimately choose to embrace the all too often most difficult course of action, to complete a complex relationship in a way that ultimately honors and empowers both partners.

Much like so many other readers of Paul Samuel Dolman’s three books, I felt that Seven Days On Maui spoke directly to my own heart’s history, to both my frailty and to my own indomitable strength.

Because of his rare dynamic of resonance and relevance, I’ve just procured my third copy of Hitchhiking With Larry David, Paul’s first book, and have his second, Martha’s Vineyard Miracles waiting on deck.

Upon finishing his final chapter of Seven Crazy Days on Maui, ( I read Paul’s book from cover to cover in one sitting! ) I was left with the same faith and hope, the same reverence for my deep desires to create lasting, loving bonds with my own Beloved Partner that the Author ultimately arrived with at the end of this powerfully heart opening and healing story.

If you truly desire to thrive in your current or future relationships, if you desire to move forward with faith, better clarity and an abiding sense of authentic authorship of both your own life and how you choose to love and be loved… then this is your book my Friend, written by a kind, courageous and kindred Soul.

Read this book, read all three, and share them all with those you love. Our worlds, our Friendships and Relationships will all be the better for doing so.

— George Green

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