We have a new show segment called 5 Questions for JP Sears!  Talk about fortunate: the great sage himself showed up in our studio and shared his heart with us on a variety of topics.  Once again, on top of having a whole lot of fun, and laughing like crazy, we managed to discover some deep wisdom.

JP is truly a gift and I would encourage all of you to check out JP Sears’ YouTube channel.

And now on to the questions-

  1. Lately I am having a terrible time making a living, so I have to wonder: Do you think it is much harder for someone who is a vegan, to bring home the bacon?
  2. Can you explain the Law of Attraction and is this something Jesus helped create?
  3. Based on my extensive market research, the quickest path to mega-success in America is to make a sex tape. So how come you never hear economists suggest this as way to lower unemployment?
  4. I just watched The Secret and want to jump into all of this magic. Unfortunately at the moment I can’t even afford a vision board, so I found a picture of one in a magazine at the library and cut it out, then placed it on my bathroom mirror. What should I do next?