Great Katherine

Is it really a whole year since I had this wild idea to have a podcast with all kinds of people sharing their hearts and souls with me? Yes! The beloved Katherine Lott joins us for an anniversary mailbag show. Thanks to all of you for listening and sending in all of these wonderful questions. You are loved and appreciated.

Listener Questions From the Mailbag

Do you feel men and women can really be friends? Most of the guys I meet who give me the friend pitch turn out in the end to have an alternative motive. How do you two pull it off? ~ Amy

Love the show and the variety of topics, what has been your biggest surprise in creating this venture? ~ Bart


I found your show with Thomas Carey regarding the Roswell incident fascinating. Do you really believe there is life out there in the stars and some of them have visited this planet? ~ Rick

From Lolly…

Here’s an idea- Why not have someone interview you on the Pauly Cast? This may have already been done, but if not, I for one would love to listen to your story in full rather than in bits and pieces during interviews you conduct. You could share about your writing discipline and techniques, sources of inspiration, your demons etc… Just a thought. – Lolly

Katherine asked about men finding mentors and becoming whole, which led to us talking about Bill Plotkin and his work.

Then we mentioned the Becca Stevens show and her Thistle Farms. Please support these women!

Shout out to website manager and creative services provider Matthew Wayne Selznick! You need this man helping you!