This show really connected so many dots for me in terms of why the world is the way it is, and why we behave so indifferently to each other.  I was deeply impressed and inspired by Dr. Will Tuttle’s vast scope of knowledge and wisdom.

His best-selling book, The World Peace Diet, which has been called one of the most important books of the 21st century, and has been published in 16 languages worldwide. It provides the foundation of a more conscious society based on the truth of the interconnectedness of all life. Dr. Tuttle will make explicit the invisible connections between our culture, our food, and the source of our broad range of problems—and the way to a positive transformation in our individual and collective lives.

Dr. Will Tuttle, visionary educator, has presented widely throughout North America and worldwide. A 35-year vegan, he is the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book The World Peace Diet and is a recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award and the Empty Cages Prize. He is also editor of the recent book, Circles of Compassion: Connecting Issues of Justice.

Devoted to cultural healing and awakening, he is a Dharma Master in the Zen tradition, and his doctorate degree from the University of California, Berkeley, focused on educating intuition and altruism in adults. He has taught college courses in creativity, humanities, mythology, religion, and philosophy, and he is also a composer and concert pianist with eight CD albums of original piano music. He is noted for his clear and inspiring presentations, and is featured in the hit film documentary Cowspiracy.