What is the ACA?  Or Obamacare?  How about single-payer health insurance as opposed to socialized medicine?  International healthcare expert and oncologist Dr. Paul Song takes some time out of his incredibly busy schedule to share his wisdom on all of this and more.  A truly eye opening and illuminating program for myself and anyone looking for clarity on this highly complex topic.

Paul Y. Song, M.D. is a physician, progressive activist, and biotechnology executive. He is the grandson of the late Sang Don Kim, the very first popularly elected Mayor of Seoul, South Korea.

Dr. Song serves as the Executive Chairman of the Courage Campaign, a leading California-based online organization made up of more than one million members who fight for a more progressive CA and country.

In 2013, Dr. Song was named and served as the very first visiting fellow on healthcare policy in the California Department of Insurance.

In addition, Dr. Song serves the co-chair of the Campaign for a Healthy Califrornia and on the executive board of Physicians for a National Health Program California, Liberty in North Korea, People for the American Way, and the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies.

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