An inspiring exchange with voting rights activist Donna Manning on the massive efforts under way by the Republican Party to suppress the votes of minorities and others in a vain attempt to stay in power. We also talk a lot of history and touch on some other interesting areas.

Donna Manning a retired psychiatrist, has been active in politics for the last 53 years, starting with the McGovern Presidential campaign in ‘68- door knocking, phone banking and marching on behalf of candidates and causes. Most recently, she was very active in the campaigns that helped elect President Biden and the two Georgia Senators. She is now taking a leadership role in fighting voter suppression laws that threaten democracy in 47 states.

Resources To Fight Voter Suppression

Phone Banking

To learn more about phone banking and voter suppression, you can catch a recording of our Coronado Democratic Club’s workshop.

Join our Phone Banking Team to oppose voter suppression and continue onto subsequent partisan campaigns, please email Donna Manning.

Sign up with organizations like Center for Common Cause and Swing Left to oppose state laws and support federal legislation:


With Movement Labs, you can reach thousands of voters in a morning a huge texting organization sending out up to one million texts per day. They have terrific, impactful campaigns like:
Texting North Carolina voters to oppose voter suppression bills there.

Training is online using a series of clear, concise videos that take no more than an hour or so to master. Then it’s on to picking your campaign and getting on board! No great computer/technical skill is required. Go to

Postcard / Letter Writing

Reclaim Our Vote has a postcard writing campaign to get voters registered.


Grassroots organizations on the ground in battleground states are spearheading citizen-to-citizen engagement- they were instrumental in the Georgia runoff victories:

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