DenisThe Pauly Cast’s provocative political correspondent Denis Campbell joins us from our UK Studios to talk about the politics, the Presidential race, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and other hot button issues. He also previews a major announcement he is planning to share with the world in the coming weeks.

Show Notes

Denis Campbell and I met years ago in Nashville when I happened to stop at his last-minute exodus garage sale. I bought a bike that day and, as a bonus, he threw in a lifetime friendship.

After Nashville, Denis moved on to Holland, and later Wales, where he began creating a progressive media platform.

On top of participating and creating several shows, he writes countless articles and even has a few books under his belt. All of this while being a loving, full time father and grandfather. (Does Denis ever sleep?)

Yet, for all the insane demands on his time, he still manages to pop in on us and grace The Pauly Cast with his insights, humor and brilliance.

So, with the clown show reality television train wreck some call the Republican Presidential Primary unfolding in all its surreal glory on a daily basis, I felt we had to get our political expert back on the air to try and make some sense of it all. (If that possible.)

Today we touched on wide spectrum of points: Donald Trump, Fox News, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio… as well as the Democrats; Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and President Obama. (Who happens to be vacationing here on Martha’s Vineyard- maybe we can get The President to come into the lavish Pauly Cast studios for an interview- between rounds of golf & lobster rolls)

On top of the politics of the moment, Denis also touched on the larger themes of what ails us politically.

He then surprised us by unveiling his plans ‘to stand’ for a seat in the British Parliament. A first for a Pauly Cast Guest!

While discussing his potential candidacy, his passion and commitment on this challenge was brought to the fore. This is was a deeply inspired, goose bump inducing moment.

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