David Young is a beautiful man and a gifted teacher.  We take a deep dive into the lives of Jesus and Mary Magdelana as we discuss his brilliant new book, The True Story of Jesus and his Wife Mary Magdalena.  He also brilliantly tied their story into the modern era and what is unfolding in our country politically.  I learned a ton on this episode, tune in here and take a listen.

David Young is an award winning abstract artist, author and musician well known for playing two renaissance flutes in harmony. He’s recorded 60 albums and sold over one million copies.

David’s music, revered for its soothing sounds and healing properties, is a staple in hospitals, healing centers and spas throughout the country.

David is on tour throughout the country 40 weeks out of the year, hosting his signature workshops, including A Portal Between Heaven and Earth, which combines his healing music and guided meditations, and where countless attendees report ethereal experiences, the inspiration for many of David’s paintings, and chronicled in his book, “The True Story of Jesus and His Wife Mary Magdalena,”  and other mind expanding music, meditation and discussion events.

In addition to David’s many talents, he is also a gifted channel. Through his music and art, David channels messages from the heavenly realms. David’s abstract art reflects stories of ancient wisdom and actual events. His music and personal readings serve as vessels of inspiration, guiding people toward spiritual clarity and Divine revelations. Through his new age music and many talents and gifts, David Young offers the world hope, vision and self-empowerment.

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