What an honor to talk to one of the finest journalists of our time, David Cay Johnston (find him on Twitter and read his latest book).  I have read several of his books through the years and in every instance come away with a whole new level of understanding on how things really work.  His latest book on Donald Trump is truly a masterpiece.  It is also a siren’s call for the populace to wake up, get involved, and save our fragile democracy.  David was incredibly generous to make a little time for us and share so authentically.

David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for The New York Times, has hunted down a killer the police failed to catch, exposed LAPD abuses, caused two television stations to lose their licenses over news manipulations, and revealed Donald Trump’s true net worth. He has uncovered so many tax dodges that he has been called the “de facto chief tax enforcement officer of the United States.” His last book, Perfectly Legal, was a New York Times bestseller and honored as Book of the Year by the journalism organization Investigative Reporters and Editors. Over his forty-year career he has won many other honors, including a George Polk Award.