This is a wonderful conversation on the nature of Buddhism and the practice of meditation with well-known teacher Cynthia Kane. She is the founder of the Kane Intentional Communication Institute, LLC, a certified meditation and mindfulness instructor and author of the upcoming book, How To Meditate Like a Buddhist. We also talk about past lives, healing, recovering from trauma, and so much more. Cynthia is a wonderful source of wisdom and clarity.

Link to Cynthia’s free online masterclass:

In Her Own Words…

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar to you:

You feel like you’re a great communicator in certain areas of your life and not others. Maybe at work you’re more open and less defensive or argumentative than when you are at home. Or it could be at home it’s easier for you to say what you mean and ask for what you need than at the office. And while one area of your life is thriving the other is frustrating, difficult, and making you feel like a bad person.

Or what about this one:

You feel stuck in your interactions with others. Having the same conversations again and again and not coming away with any new outcome. There’s an overall feeling of helplessness to some of your relationships and not knowing how to or if you can make things better. There’s a sense of overwhelm that makes it difficult to understand the situation – so a lot of what comes out of your mouth feels rushed. How do you switch gears?

No matter what the scenario, the words that have you shaking your head and making it hard to get a good nights rest go something like:

  • I need to stop jumping to conclusions and reacting so quickly.
  • I need to stop being mean to the people I love.
  • I need to not be so defensive and argumentative.
  • I want to be so easy going and instead I do the opposite.
  • I need to be able to handle difficult conversations without screaming or shutting down.

The awesome news is that through my books, courses, blog and newsletter you’ll learn practical tips to start helping you communicate in the best way possible, and also lots of questions to get you thinking about the world differently.

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