20c4b2eChris McGee and I became close friends when I was living in Los Angeles. At first, I only knew him as a stellar father of the two-super cute little girls, always so loving and attentive. It was only later that I found out he was this big-time sports guy on multiple formats.

When I started the madness known as the Pauly Cast I asked Chris to be my primary sports guy in the know. Being who he is, a super generous being, Chris said ‘yes’ in a nanosecond.

After taking a break for some summer fun, we have Geeter (what his friends and the famous call him) back on the catch us up on the world of pro sports.

We touch on…

Chris, who works extensively with the LA Lakers franchise, also discusses their prospects in the upcoming season, as well as sharing a great story about the legendary Bill Walton.

Throw in a few words about the Dodgers and baseball and I believe, to use a really bad sports cliché, Chris McGee and I covered all the bases.