What a beautiful show with Chris Ladd (find him on Twitter or The Huffington Post, where you can read a recent piece!) who was full of excellent ideas and creative thinking around some very complex issues.  I really came away admiring his integrity and commitment to democracy.  This man is a true patriot that puts his country above any party affiliation.

Chris Ladd is a Texan in exile. After growing up in Beaumont and working for more than a decade in Houston, he moved to suburban Chicago, where was a Republican precinct committeeman for a decade. He resigned his position and left the party in 2016 after the nomination of Donald Trump.

He has a day job that he loves in the software industry. In his free time he has written for David Frum’s blog, The Washington Times Communities, The Houston Chronicle, and The Huffington Post.

Back in Texas he interned at the Legislature, worked on numerous state and local Republican campaigns, and volunteered for a statewide PAC. Chris graduated from Beaumont’s Central High, earned a degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas (the Harvard of Williamson County) and received his JD from the University of Houston.