Charlie Sykes is one of a handful of conservatives that in the rise of Donald Trump, has courageously held on to his values and been willing to speak the truth.  He is prolific in a number of areas.  Charlie’s new book, How The Right Lost Its Mind, is a must read.  This show is a pure delight and I absolutely love his sense of humor.

Once at the center of the American conservative movement, bestselling author and radio host Charles Sykes is a fierce opponent of Donald Trump and the right-wing media that enabled his rise.

In How the Right Lost Its Mind, Sykes presents an impassioned, regretful, and deeply thoughtful account of how the American conservative movement came to lose its values. How did a movement that was defined by its belief in limited government, individual liberty, free markets, traditional values, and civility find itself embracing bigotry, political intransigence, demagoguery, and outright falsehood?

How the Right Lost its Mind addresses:

Why are so many voters so credulous and immune to factual information reported by responsible media?

Why did conservatives decide to overlook, even embrace, so many of Trump’s outrages, gaffes, conspiracy theories, falsehoods, and smears?

Can conservatives govern? Or are they content merely to rage?

How can the right recover its traditional values and persuade a new generation of their worth?