I flat out loved my conversation and connection with Celeste Headlee.  What an embodiment of awareness and wisdom with all kinds of practical, yet unique perceptions.  Her wisdom runs deep.  Celeste’s book We Need To Talk is essential for anyone that wishes to take their communication to the next level.  Whether at home or in the workplace.  Dive in here with us and enjoy the ride.

Celeste Headlee is the host of the Georgia Public Broadcasting program “On Second Thought.” She has previously been the co-host of the national morning news show The Takeaway, from Public Radio International and WNYC. Before joining fellow host John Hockenberry in 2009, she was the Midwest Correspondent for NPR’s Day to Day and the host of a weekly show on Detroit Public Radio. She is currently the host of On Second Thought, a one-hour radio talk show on Georgia Public Broadcasting in Atlanta, Georgia.