“Let me say this to whoever is listening out there right now.  You are worth it, you matter!”

I loved this show and Cassie Jeans‘ passion (read her Huffington Post article!) is contagious as well as her raw, authentic approach to being who she is.  As a vibrant mom of two young children, I feel her message is especially important to young mothers who are trying to strike a balance between how much they give and the essential need for self care.

“When it comes to my coaching I have a “no-fluff” approach meaning, if you aren’t really committed to living a life that beats so fiercely in tune with your heart and soul than this probably isn’t for you. I love you…I think you are amazing, but I only work with people who are ready to invest into themselves.

My coaching is designed to move you through mindset blocks, limiting beliefs, emotional chaos, inconsistent habits and truly bringing life to your voice. We tend to move fairly quickly. See I believe breakthroughs happen in seconds…you just know, it is a visceral feeling and it embodies you in that moment. My goal, is to take that break through and apply action steps and strategies that will allow you to go deeper and clear the noise in your head that is distracting you away from following your dreams!”