Andrew Forsthoefel is a deeply inspiring young man who is truly an old soul walking among us.  He set out one fine day to walk across America and listen to learn.  His stories are quite touching and his observations profound.  Andrew is the kind of person that gives me great hope for the future.  There is a lot of wisdom in this show.  Take a walk with us and listen.

In his words…

“I’m a writer, speaker, and peace activist living in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts. After graduating from Middlebury College, I spent eleven months trekking across the United States with a sign on my pack that read Walking to Listen, recording interviews with the people I met along the way. I co-produced a radio documentary about this project that was featured on and This American Life, and my book, Walking to Listen (Bloomsbury, 2017), tells the tale of the journey.

“Drawing from the experiences of my year-long initiation on the road, and from the abundance of lived fodder that comes from an active contemplative practice, I offer my work as a contribution to the collective project of learning how to be human together with love, by listening—united by our diversity, empowered by sharing the inherent vulnerability of being alive, and freed by opening to truth.

“This work comes in three ways: I write, putting my wonder to words. I speak, spinning stories and mining them for insight. And I teach, exploring the practice of listening as a catalyst for connective presence, personal transformation, and peacemaking.”