Andrea CoxAndrea L. Cox (find her on Facebook and YouTube!) is a natural health guru who lives in San Diego California. With an impressive and ever expansive resume currently behind her, Andrea has successfully branded herself as an extraordinary and authoritative published author, business woman, model, health guru, and holistic healer, in the fitness, and beauty industries.

Andrea has created and authored two books. The first, Raw-lic-ous Recipes, is a semi auto-biography and self-help health advice book which details her trials and tribulations of living with bulimia, describing how she healed it by ‘juicing’, eating only living foods and cleansing her body through fasting.

Her second book, titled Juicing for Beauty, is a collection of her favorite juice, smoothie and soup recipes, designed to help any health conscious individual eat more healthily and easily, with less time wasted in the kitchen.

Andrea Cox also created a line of ‘humic and fulvic acid’ detoxification products called “Andrea’s Breakfast” blend and “Evening formulas!” Both of Andrea’s humic and fulvic products have been successfully sold and shipped all over the world. She also has her “lower bowel balance” formula that will wipe out constipation naturally within an hour! Over the years, Andrea has been commissioned, to write for hundreds of publications over the years, such as Dayton Daily News, The Chiropractic Journal, Fashion 5.0, and Natural Living Magazine, due to her experience and knowledge in the health and beauty industry.