This is an inspiring conversation with one of the country’s rising progressive stars, Andom Ghebreghiorgis (find him on Twitter, and contribute to his run for Congress!). Deep, thoughtful, articulate and quite the student of history; we moved with grace between a number of highly complex topics and policy prosposals. I believe this is the kind of forward thinking and visionary leadership we need, both nationally and on the local level. Please listen and if you feel led, get involved by supporting this important race.

A special shout out to the amazing Adam Green of for bringing us together here.

Andom Ghebreghiorgis is a first-generation American of Eritrean descent from Mount Vernon, NY. He graduated from Yale with degrees in Political Science and Economics in 2007. He worked at the Robin Hood Foundation after college, and then he became a NYC Teaching Fellow in 2009. He taught MS special education at a high-needs school in the Williams Bridge section of the Bronx, and then was a special education coordinator/ELA teacher at The Equity Project in Washington Heights. He has also been involved in writing (children’s book Undercover BMX, written under the “Jake Maddox” brand, came out in August) and activism (mostly around education in NYC and human rights in Eritrea and Israel/Palestine).

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