Amber Rae is literally a beautiful ray of light and love.  What a joy to have such an inspiring dialogue with this magnificent woman.  Her new book, Choose Wonder Over Worry, is also a winner.  We went into some fascinating places including her relationship with her father.  Take a few moments and join us on this journey.

In her own words…

“Hey, I’m Amber Rae—an author, artist, speaker, and curious human devoted to waking up to truth.

My journey to this point has been a winding one. From the nonstop frenzy of the digital agency world to the high-tech gold rush of Silicon Valley to the always-on-and-working world of entrepreneurship, I hustled for approval and did everything I thought I was supposed to do.

I popped adderall to get more done and swapped food for alcohol to take the edge off. While I was on a “trajectory of success” by all conventional means, I began to feel empty on the inside.

I searched to find myself through career accolades, the approval of men, far-distant countries, and empty bottles of wine. When that didn’t work, I searched one more place: inside myself.

I began writing to understand my feelings, meeting with healers, coaches, therapists, and neuroscientists to understand the trappings of a fearful mind, and started making art as a vehicle to see and be seen. My life became a living laboratory for self-exploration with me as the guinea pig.

As I questioned the belief structures that stifled me, I set myself free. As I turned toward my uncomfortable emotions (instead of pushing them away), I began to discover the real me.

To guide others in the insights I was uncovering, I began hosting self-discovery experiences around the world. It’s then that I unveiled my life’s work: to connect us to our emotional world, and thus, to connect us to ourselves.

In an age that’s more connected through technology than ever before, we’re increasingly disconnected from who we are. It’s too easy to swipe right to fill a void of loneliness, to pop a pill to create a fleeting sense of self, and to measure our self-worth against our Instagram likes.

I’m here to guide us home: to who we truly were before we learned who to be.”