This is our 500th episode of What Matters Most, my ultimate labor of learning and love.

So what to do on such an auspicious occasion?

I decided to assemble an all-star cast of my transcendent guest alumni and ask a simple question: “As we begin the New Year, do you have an inspiring message for the listening audience?”

0f course, me being me, I had to ask many of them a few spontaneous queries.

Also a major shout out thank you to my beloved, worldwide listening audience.  We are a family, a vibrant community, and spiritual tribe.  I love you all.

Huge gratitude to/for: Matthew Wayne Selznick who does everything for me and with impeccable execution.  Thanks brother.

The Guests

Announcing New Era for What Matters Most

After producing five hundred episodes for free to my worldwide audience, I’m inspired to expand the mission of What Matters Most beyond podcasting to video shorts, documentaries, town halls, and other ways to deliver timely words of wisdom and unique perspectives to listeners like you…

…and to do it, I’ll need your help!

You can learn all about it by watching the following video or checking out my brand new Patreon page at

Thank you so much! Here’s to another five hundred podcast episodes of What Matters Most… and so, so much more!