All About JP Sears and Other Links From This Episode

Five Questions For JP Sears

I work as a cashier at Whole Foods and sometimes people come through my line while still talking on the phone.  Would it be rude of me to pull out my phone and make a call while I check them out? ~ Torrey Pines

A friend of mine who is sleeping on my couch is fond of giving advice.  The other day he suddenly declared himself a Life Coach.  Is this how most coaches come into existence and shouldn’t there at least be some basic requirement like when we take our driving exam? ~  Evan

Our colleagues recently discovered a gigantic black hole, which is 100 billion times larger than our sun- so my question is a practical one- how in heaven’s name did Jesus avoid being sucked into this thing when he ascended? ~ The Institute of Scientific Things

Can my dog be born again? ~ Josh

Have behavioral experts ever been able to prove there is strong connection between wearing camouflage in every day life and a double-digit IQ? ~ Kay Mo

I work as a carpenter with a lot of fat, older white guys who are constantly saying, ‘We need to take back America.’  (Just like the bumper sticker) I’m completely confused on the meaning of this and would be grateful if you could shed a little light. ~ Kay Mo

What are you most inspired about today? ~ Kay Mo