MAILBAGHere we have another wonderful Mailbag with the beloved Katherine Lott

Questions From The Mailbag

Can you tell us three things you do every day that gives you great joy? ~ Kevin

How do you know for certain when your partner has an alcohol or chemical addiction? This is especially hard when they don’t think they do. ~ Maria

Can Bernie really win? ~ Alex

Since I have already read both of your books, can you recommend a great book besides one of your own? ~ Brooke

Does Katherine listen to any of the other Pauly Casts, and if so what does she think of all of these shenanigans? ~ Tammy

Pauly, Katherine… Please come and see us in Europe! I think the Pauly Cast would play even better over here where we believe in science and cutting edge concepts like taking care of the sick, feeding the hungry, and social justice. When can we expect a visit? ~ Julian