what matters most podcast

Tune in with author, speaker, and host Paul Samuel Dolman as he discusses a wide range of subjects with a stimulating, diverse group of people.

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Kelly Marceau #12

Author Kelly Marceau joins us to talk about relationships and awakening to your own empowerment.

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Jennifer Hayes #11

Professional Matchmaker and author Jennifer J. Hayes joins us to talk about the complex world of relationships and finding the right partner.

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Chris McGee #10

Super Sports Guy Chris McGee joins us to talk about sports, the NBA finals, being a father, and finding and following your dream.

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Denis Campbell #8

Denis Campbell joins the Pauly Cast to cover a wide range of political topics and our post 9/11 world.

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Ann Harold #7

Clairvoyant Ann Harold joins us to talk about the spiritual realm, angels, masters, Jesus and so much more.

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Marian Thompson #5

Nutritionist Coach and health expert Marian Thompson gives us all kinds of practical tips of eating well and staying in balance.

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