A Note from Sky

Dear Paul,

I am happy to hear from you as always. Thanks for your encouragement!! I will keep doing well at school.

It is great news that you will release your new book of “7 Crazy Days on Maui” in May. Thanks for sharing with me some photos of Maui. It is very beautiful beach. There are beautiful turtles and whales there.

I believe that this book will attract the readers. Many people will support your new book. I would like to see the cover of your book when your friend Bob has already designed the cover.

Here, I am busy with my first semester exam at public school. I will finish the exam this week. Hopefully, everything is going alright with my exam.

It is just my favorite to read history books in my free time. I would like to understand about the culture and living lifestyle in the past. Also, it helps me to improve my general knowledge. Anyway, I want to learn business because I have my own dream to be a businessman who comes up with some kinds of the whole sale products. It is the reason that I like reading business books because it will help me to gain more ideas related to business and how to be a successful businessman.

Anyway, my younger brother’s name is Ousa while my younger sister’s name is Dana. It is my pleasure to teach them when I am free.

I have 9 best friends and we always hang out together. They are Theary, Kristina, Sokna, Tey, Nat, Sothea, Kimsan, Vy, Lay. We always have a nice talking together which is about our study and our daily activities. Sometimes, we joine the CCF event together and help to do some communities work. Last Sunday, my friends and I joined the CCF’s activities so called “TOM SHOES”. We went to Kandal province to help to distribute shoes to the poor children. We are happy to be a part of helping the society.

Lastly, I have attached photo of me with one of my best friends. Her name is Theary.  It is all from me now. I hope to hear from you again soon.

Enjoy a lovely day!!

Sky w friend